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Several locations in Bacliff, typical are 4822 6th St & 4803 3rd St. (at Ave. E). Only a limited number of RV spots available on these First Class properties. Great location; convenient to Lou's grocery, Ace hardware, the Bacliff Post Office, the best bars and restaurants, Galveston Bay, etc. Lots of folks use a bicycle or golf cart to get around in this part of Bacliff.
Kemah is just down FM 146, with its Boardwalk and the big box stores such as Home Depot, WallMart, Target, etc.

At our RV Resort we do things a bit differently than a typical RV Park. Each private lot is enclosed by a 6 1/2' tall wooden fence, with a private driveway and lockable gates. Individual motion-activated security lights. With private Morgan storage buildings to store your Harley or misc equipment, some buildings have washer/dryer connections. (one lot even has its own 2 car garage).

1) 4803 3rd Street - Concrete RV bunkers ensure a level set-up and minimal reflected heat from the summer sun. Fourteen (14') foot wide double gates and private driveway; 20' wide entrance culverts (40' wide on lot C).
This RV Park has quite a few mature shade trees; Elm, Oak, Hackberry, Pine, Pecan & Crepe Mertle.
Each private lot has its own lockable 8'x8' Morgan storage building.
Lot Dimensions:
Lot A = 65' x 38' _______Lot B = 65' x 38' ________Lot C=65'x49'________ Lot D=125'x38'

BONUS! - This area in Bacliff is naturally high and drains very well. On top of that, about 20 years ago approximately 400 cubic yards of top soil was added to this property to make it exceptionally high and nearly flood proof!

2) 4822 6th Street - New construction as of October 2010. Each lot very generously sized (120'x40'). Lot "A"has a its own two (2) car garage, lot "B" has a 8'x10' Morgan storage building. . These lots ares extremely private & quiet, located at the very end of 6th street where 6th terminates against the Bacliff drainage canal leading to Galveston bay (with footpath). There is a 60' wide driveway, with each of these lots having its own 18' wide double entrance gates (5' tall).

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